International Participants

Since 2012, the Quatuor Éclisses has been recognized for their complicity, originality and subtlety. The four guitarists have made a mark by giving new breath to the classical guitar sphere. They have created ambitious and innovative transcriptions from the piano or orchestra repertoire.

In 2013 they won the top prize at the 1st European Chamber Music competition of the FNAPEC and have followed the lead of noted ensembles such as the Wanderer trio or the Ysaÿe Quartet.

The members met at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, the premiere music school in France. From the university, they forged an international career that led them to the United States, Switzerland, Indonesia, Jordania, Lithuania, Algeria. In France, they played in Paris in the sumptuous Théâtre du Châtelet, the legendary Hôtel National des Invalides, the International Festival of Guitars. And out of Paris, they played in various festivals: Folle Journée – Nantes, Festival Radio France – Montpellier, Les Flâneries Musicales – Reims, Les Jeudis Musicaux des Églises Romanes – Royan, Classica Bandol, Musique en Côte de Nacre – Courseulles.

Their first record “Guitares” (2013, Ad Vitam Records) reflects their desire to introduce a large and varied repertoire, including original pieces for quartet and unknown transcriptions for orchestra from Bach and Rossini. Their next record will gather proper transcriptions from French musicians of the late 19th and 20th century.

Malvica Chopra has been learning music since the tender age of 11. She is learned under one of the greatest Gharanas or musical lineage of the Indian classical music called the Imdadkhani Gharana from the very accomplished Smt. Anuoama Bhagwat. This style of playing the sitar includes a more lyrical style of presenting the musical notes as the emphasis is on making it sound like the human voice.

Muthu Kumar, with over 20 years in the music industry, has made a niche for himself as a table player/percussionist par excellence. Having studied under legends like the Great Unstad Zakir Hussain and Ustad Allakarha. Muthu has traveled the world and performed on many prestigious stages and music festivals. He has accompanied the liked of Alice Coltrane, Maynard Ferguson, John Barnes, and Bill Laswell, to name a few.

Eishan Ensemble along with featuring musicians playing with Eishan, was formed with the purpose of creating new music for our present time, for communities seeking a sense of reverence, tranquillity, and combination of east and west. Eishan play original compositions of Hamed Sadeghi who is a Persian Traditional music specialist and devoted to revealing the harmony and unity between different cultures. Our music is rooted in eastern music, as well as having Western influences, bridging the East and the West. Our music is designed to be enjoyed by audiences across all cultural divides, and is absolutely contemporary, yet drawing on the beauty of ancient modes and traditions.

A project which combines Yaniv D’Or, a noted opera singer who specializes in the traditional Jewish-Ladino songs, and the Israeli Baroque Ensemble – Barrocade. This show has been performed worldwide, and the ensemble has released a CD by Naxos in 2015.

Ensemble BARROCADE-NAYA is a collection of outstanding musicians with multicultural backgrounds, who share a passion for performing and exploring Western classical music and the music of other cultures. The group has been collaborating with some of today’s leading early music specialists, including Laurence Cummings, Emanuel Heim, Werner Erhardt, Iain Burnside, Graham Johnson and many others. Their debut project is a programme of music inspired by ancient and modern Jewish texts, both sacred and secular from around the world.

Fado is a type of Portuguese singing, traditionally associated with pubs and cafés, that is renowned for its expressive and profoundly melancholic character. The singer of fado (literally, “fate”) speaks about the realities of everyday life, sometimes with a sense of resignation, sometimes with the hope of resolution.

The music is typically performed by either a female or a male vocalist, typically to the accompaniment of one or two guitarras (10- or 12-string guitars), one or two violas (6-string guitars), and perhaps also a viola baixo (a small 8-string bass viola).

Claudia Picado is a noted Portuguese Fado singer and part of new generation of beautiful voices of Portugal. She sings around the word on tours and in the most famous fado houses in Lisbon. Jose Duarte has performed around the around world and Portugueses Fado houses too. Hugo Silva is a new musician known for his great technic.

The Group will make a variety show with some instrumental pieces and Fado songs with different feelings to interact with the public.

Art Company Dalmoon is a group of Korean musical performers involved in different musical genres but has come together to further develop and promote their traditional musical heritage. Instruments used by the ensemble include the gayageum, ajaeng, haegeum, daegeum, percussion, pansori, to name a few.

TAIWAN (Taiwan Bamboo Orchestra and Taipei Guzheng Ensemble)
The rich music traditions of Taiwan brings about various groups with different instruments. The Taiwan Bamboo Orchestra and the Taipei Guzheng Ensemble come together featuring traditional plucked instruments such as the guzheng and the pipa, with modern innovations and inventions of bamboo instruments.

Taiwan Bamboo Orchestra The Taiwan Bamboo Orchestra (TBO) is composed of experienced and talented professional performers. The group has released two albums. They are based in Taipei, Taiwan and have performed around the world. The head of the team is Luo Cheng-Hun, who won the first place in the Yangqin competition in Taiwan and is also a composer and expert in playing bamboo instruments.
For the 5th International Rondalla/Plucked String Music Festival, the three performers will be playing the following plucked instruments: the yangqin, liuqin and guzheng.

Taipei Guzheng Ensemble  The group’s original name was “Small Paper Boat Guzheng Orchestra”, which was established in 2003 and officially changed its name to “Taipei Guzheng Orchestra” in 2017. The group aims to develop the study of guzheng music and promote Guzheng music through the education and instrumental performances of newer generation of Guzheng musicians. The head of the team is Chang, Jhih-Ying, currently a judge of Gu Zheng and a judge of Taiwan Huale Certification.

Prasarnmit Traditional Thai Dance and Music Group is composed of faculty and students from Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand. The group provides cultural field work through research, performances, and education on Thai traditional music and dance. Its members have travelled, published and promoted the Thai Culture through various engagements in different places. Every summer, the group conducts field research and immersion programs in various ethnolinguistic groups in Southeast Asia to promote Thai music and culture and to create musical and cultural exchange with other communities.

Hope to Hop Africa is a non-governmental organisation focusing on the impoverished children and the youth. The organisation was established in 2005 with a major aim of helping less disadvantaged children and youth to access education and other basic needs of life such as food, shelter, clothing and medication. Following a mutual agreement between Mr. George Kitaka (The Executive and Artistic Director of the organisation) and Uganda Martyrs High School Lubaga, a consensus was reached to help African children who need urgent intervention especially orphans who have lost their parents because of war and HIV/AIDS. The organisation imparts

Knowledge and skills of singing, playing a variety of musical instruments, dancing, acting and other forms of folklore. The skills gained are employed on different platforms, both locally and internationally to raise funds that provide the basic needs to the bona fide children and youth of the organisation.

Spring Band was founded by professional instructors and artist of Vietnam Academy of Music. The group has participated in many national and international concerts and conferences, with the vision of educating the public about the music culture of Vietnam. To achieve its goal, the group trains students from the Academy to continue the educational and cultural program. The plucked string instruments of the group include the pipa, dan bau, and the 36-string zither, among others.