1st Rondalla Music Camp 2017


Now on its 13th year, and following its four milestone events in 2004, 2007, 2011, and 2015, the Strings of Unity: International Rondalla Festival seeks to address the clamor for training that has been expressed by the rondalla practitioners through the years. This 2017, it will focus on enhancing the proficiency of these practitioners through a music camp to be held in Baguio City, from July 8 to 23.

A first of its kind, this Rondalla Music Camp hopes to gather 100 rondalla musicians, conductors, arrangers and composers; and to offer them an intensive two-week training program on different aspects of rondalla performance and its practice in general. The Rondalla Music Camp envisions organizing the very first National Rondalla Orchestra that will be composed of selected scholars from the Music Camp.

An ‘Open Call for Participants’ has been launched to cast the best applicants who will be screened to become scholars at the Camp. The training will be free of tuition for the selected participants from here and abroad.