SYMPOSIUM AND WORKSHOP                                                                                                          Silay Civic Center, Silay City, Philippines / 6-8 November 2018

Theme: “Plucked String Music: Evolutions”

As part of the 5th International Rondalla / Plucked String Music Festival,a Symposium-Workshop with the theme “Plucked String Music: Evolutions” will be held at the Silay Civic Center in Silay City, Philippines, on 6-8 November 2018. This Symposium-Workshop will feature special lectures on different plucked string music traditions in the world, workshops on instrument-making and care by local and foreign luthiers, and lecture demonstrations by performing groups from the Festival.

The Symposium-Workshop aims to impart knowledge on the history as well as current developments in different plucked string music cultures and provide resources for teaching and performing plucked string music.

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