Workshop 1

“Plucked String Music: Evolutions”
Day 2 – 8:30am-4:30pm

Guitar-making techniques for the Spanish guitar

Facilitator: Master Luthier Manuel Caceres (assisted by Adolfo Timuat) (Spain)


Workshop description
The workshop is designed for educators, students, and music practitioners. It provides basic understanding on the process of instrument making in Europe particularly in Spain as well as proper instrument maintenance and care when travelling abroad. It aims to impart knowledge on the history as well as current developments in the Spanish instrument making tradition; to teach practitioners how to choose (when purchasing/investing) good quality stringed instruments based on international standards; to provide basic skills on how to maintain and take care musical instruments in different climates and environments; and to encourage and inspire music practitioners to try the art of luthiery and experience the joy of building stringed instruments.


Manuel Cáceres was born in Badajoz in 1947. He started building guitars in 1963, when he started working in “Casa José Ramírez”, where he would spend fifteen years (nine of them as an important journeyman). In 1978 he left this workshop and decided to work on his own, teaching in Mexico or Puerto Rico, being awarded several times. He started working with the master luthier Árcangel Fernández in 1998 in a workshop located in 26 Jesus y María Street, where he would collaborate in the process of guitar making until retiring in 2010. He currently continues working in 14 Jardines Street, in Madrid.